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Open Doors

Asking for help did not come naturally to me. If I could not do it myself, I did without. After my spinal cord injury and paralysis, I had to depend on others for many things. When I went shopping, I had to ask, “Would you hold the door for me please?” “Would you set this …

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If Necessary, Use Words

People often commend me for my bold witness with quiet resignations. “I wish I could tell more people about Jesus like you.” I tell you there are many bold witnesses among us. Missionaries, local and those who travel to distant states and foreign countries answer God’s call. They boldly share the gospel by feeding the …

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Enrich Your Faith

Every night as Earl and I prepare for bed, Earl places an oxygen cannula under my nose to help me breathe healthy oxygen-rich air as I sleep. When he lays down he positions his C-PAP mask over his nose and turns the machine on to help him breathe deep and oxygenate his blood. All our …

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