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Consider My Man Job

Job Sacrificing for His Childrenm One Sunday after the morning service, I timidly shared the first copy of “My Story” with the choir leader at East Dyersburg UMC. One page, double-spaced, two hundred and fifty words about my wreck. I had butterflies in my stomach.  What will he think of me after he reads “My …

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My Cheeks Are Wet With Joy

 Alone. I lie here in my room. A month. Now a year. How long, O Lord? Abandoned as one once loved. Separated by circumstances. Isolated and forgotten. A tear tendrils down my cheek. I hear one say. “I’d be crazy.” I reply. “Welcome to my world.” Satan hears my weakness. And takes just that moment. …

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Besetting Sins

After my baptism at age 28, I didn’t feel “saved.” Did I not get it? Am I still the same? What did I do wrong? Over time, I couldn’t break free from many of my sins. Each time I sinned, I confessed then I sinned again. I couldn’t stop the cycle. I didn’t understand why …

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