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When I woke up in the hospital, Earl told me about my accident and that I was on a ventilator. Paralyzed from my neck down, I couldn’t move. I could see a black ring around my forehead and what looked like two bolts sticking out. “What?” “It’s a halo brace. You have four screws in …

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A Most Magnificent Messenger

One morning as I read my Sunday school lesson, it referred to Joni Eareckson Tada calling her accident and subsequent spinal cord injury “A Glorious Intruder.” I thought, “What would I call my accident and subsequent injury?  After a few moments of thought, I knew. “My Magnificent Messenger.” The message it brought was a reminder of …

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A Crown of Thorns

After my accident in 1991, I remember: When I looked up, all I could see was a black metal circle and two screws sticking out of my forehead. There were two more screws behind my ears. We called it my “crown of thorns.” Four bars connected the circle to a leather vest. It had kept …

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