Why Are You Afraid?

Why are you afraid?
I carry no contagion.
I do not bite or scratch.
I have no wounds in body.
My mind is quite intact.
I am alive.
By God’s grace and healing.
You would know if only you spoke.
I will tell you about my God.
I will tell you about His yoke.
I am able.
To hear God’s Word.
To worship Him–And pray.
To tell the old, old story.
That brought me to this day.
I sit in a wheelchair.
Do you see it?
Is it all you see?
I have a voice. Will you listen?
I am a person. Will you see me?
I step out in faith to tell you:
My heart cries every time you pass me by.
I long to share my glee.
You stare. You assume.
You don’t see.   Me.
I am a person with a disability.
I am not a disability.
© 2009 Berta Dickerson


  1. Good thoughts. Our society needs to learn this message. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Well said. Thank you.

  3. You're welcome.quietspirit.

  4. Thanks Diana.

  5. Thanks for putting into words your thoughts and emotions!! God is not done with you yet!! I've shared this with a friend with a disability, but who is not a disability!!

  6. I pray this poem blesses you friend and many others.
    In Christ,

  7. he not done with me yet neither when i read these from you I think of my beautiful sister… She had a stroke and she has never given up neither… I might not tell her but i am so proud of her and the things she has come through by the Grace Of God….thanks Berta for sharing these with us…. MAWOY ALWAYS( They do at all times) I have my Angel who walks this Earth with me…No one else might see him but when I get in a pinch with something I can feel him there…..”May God Bless You!!!!

  8. Please tell your sister how her life touches you and others May He bless you both.
    In Christ,
    What does MAWOY stand for?

  9. May Angels Watch Over You Always!!!!I will tell her and Thank you.. May God Bless you!!!!

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